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How you can help us?

With prayers and good words

In spite of the financial problems of the people of Transcarpathia, they primarily need spiritual support. This includes the prayers of believers in Christ along with their sincere acts of penance. Also, it would be effective if the supporters of these people would pray at the same time the Franciscan brothers in Transcarpathia hold their common Holy Mass. This is on Tuesday mornings at 7:30 (CET) when they pray for the sponsors, helpers and good people of Transcarpathia. If the work of the Franciscans meets with your approval, please tell your friends, relatives and acquaintances, calling their attention to our home page and the activity of the Franciscan Mission Foundation for Transcarpathia.

With the designation of 1% of your tax (if you pay taxes in Hungary)

The Franciscan Mission Foundation for Transcarpathia
Tax nr: 19676157-1-43

At your request we will be pleased to send you by mail a formula with the details of the Foundation, or even a poster to advertise to people living in your area the activity of our Foundation.

With financial help sent to our bank account

Franciscan Mission Foundation for Transcarpathia
1183 Budapest, Tű Str. 2., Hungary

Bank data:
Erste Bank Hungary Zrt.
1138 Budapest, 24-26 Nepfurdo Str., Hungary
Account nr: 11991102 - 02119070 - 00000000 (HUF)

For international money transfer:
IBAN HU90 11991102-02119070-00000000 (in any currency)

If you send money through bank transfer, please also notify us of your address and tax identification number by mail. The bank cannot relay that information to us and we will then be unable to send you a letter of thanks or an acknowledgement/receipt needed for your taxation.

With financial help through payment by cheque

At your request, we can send you a check by mail. If you wish to sponsor a specific institution/program, please indicate it on the cheque and we will honour that request. If you wish to receive an acknowledgement/receipt for your taxation, please write your tax number on the cheque.




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