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Life is the greatest value!

2014. October

Following the World Day of Spiritual Health, on Ocober 11. in the office of the foundation „Future in our hands” in Berehovo the Transcarpathian media representatives were informed about the fact that the spiritual first aid telephone service has also been established in Transcarpathia. The purpose of this service is helping people in crisis in difficult moments.

At the press conference Dénes Török, member of the board of the foundation „Future in our hands” and the curator of the Transcarpathian Franciscan Mission foundation gave a description of this life saving, suicide preventive service. This service came into being thanks to the cooperation of the Hungarian Association of spiritual first aid phone services, Transcarpathian Franciscan Mission foundation, the St. Marton Caritas Transcarpathian Charitable Foundation and the foundation „Future in our hands”.

Ferenc Feher, representative of the Caritas, said: the project which started a few months ago is now technically ready for functioning, and the most important task now is to inform more people about it.

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