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The report of „Light and Joy” candle workshop in Vishkovo

2014. September

The „Light and Joy” candle workshop has been successfully functioning for 5 years. The workshop gives work opportunity for 14-15 handicapped people three times a week. These people arrive from Vishkovo, Hust, Tyachiv and Solotvino.

There are 4 people who work with the handicapped. The rise of prices is also reflected in the functioning of the workshop: less products are sold and the primary commodity is more expensive. The workshop functions due to projects, charitable donations and the income from the sold candles. The time spent in the candle workshop is community building, it has a family atmosphere and because of it the handicapped are always looking forward to the next meeting. Our current problem is the transportation of the group from Hust, but we are trying to solve it somehow.

With regards:
in the name of the „Light ang Joy” candle workshop
István Szabó






(in hungarian)



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