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The report of the Caritas in Vinohradovo

2014. July

Because of the unstable situation in Ukraine which is caused by the military situation of the country, the circumstances in the functioning of the Caritas in Vinohradovo have changed too.

The Franciscan Mission in Transcarpathia voted 7 million Ft to support the Caritas in Vinohradovo in 2014. This sum of money together with the other donations and some savings seems to be enough for our functioning during the whole year.

In 2014 the price of gas was raised twice. The purchase of a boiler which functions without gas is in process now. We need it for preparing lunch. This meal is very important for poor people because the prices are increasing, but the wages and the pensions not. In October there will be another increase in the price of gas so the situation will be more difficult.

Antal Nanashi
the director of the Caritas in Vinohradovo






(in hungarian)



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