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An interview with Silvia Chizmadia,
the director of Caritas in Uzhorod

2014. June

- How did you get in touch with the Caritas?

– I have visited the parish for years and helped in different charitable works with pleasure. After completing the catechist training we were asked which activity or service we wanted to do at the parish. At that time I dreamed of establishing an old people’s home. Some time passed and in 2000 I was asked if I would accept to take on the leadership of the soup kitchen, as its director was already quite old. I thought about that offer and finally accepted.

- What kind of activities does the Caritas in Uzhorod do?

– The main activity of Caritas is the functioning of the soup kitchen. Our volunteers who belong to the Camillian family cook lunch three times a week for poor, sick and old people. For those who can’t come to the soup kitchen the volunteers take the meal home. We also deliver buns and other dry food once a week for the patients of the oncology clinic in Uzhorod.

Except the soup kitchen we also collect material donations, especially clothes and divide it between those who need it. We receive clothes from the local people, foreign relief supplies do not arrive to us.

Within the framework of a project we prepare dry food packages twice a year – at Christmas and at Easter, and deliver them to the families in need.

- What are your plans for the future?

We are very happy that this year we could buy a property with the support of the episcopate. Here we are going to continue our current projects including the functioning of the soup kitchen, as the present building is in a very bad condition, and it’s hard to work there. The new building is still under renovations, but we hope that in autumn we will be able to transfer there the soup kitchen and the other activities as well.

The interview was made by
Sabolch Bunda






(in hungarian)



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