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We visited Csaba Böjte...

2014. May

Thanks God and the kindness of the dominican sisters of Uzhorod we spent a wonderful weekend at father Csaba Böjte OFM in Erdely on 21-23 March with the students of the St. Gellert Catholic dormitory. We arrived successfuly in Chiksentsimon where we were met by Tibor Kolozhvari (he has 5 children), the felow-worker of the St. Ferenc foundation. Tibor is also the director of the local child protection centre, where we were warmly greeted by the 14-19 year old young people.

We talked a lot after dinner. We got aquainted with the „székely” style, humour. We listened to the „székely” folk music and songs, which are really rich.

The children in this centre are there because of different reasons: either they are orphans or their parents are poor. Some of them stay there during daytime, many of them are visited by their parents, who take them home at weekends or holidays. The unemployment is high in that region. An optician from Vesprem joined us and examined all the kids free of charge. She will also make glasses for those who need them.

We came home with our hearts full of gratitude. We got courage and hope that there is nothing impossible if we work together with God, if we let ourselves to be pencils in his hands.We are grateful to God...

Éva Palko,






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