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I can see the gleam of light in their eyes
A conversation with Joseph Kozma,
the director of Caritas in Hust

2014. May

- How did you get acquainted with the catholic charity, how did you become the director of the local organization?

- When the missionary fathers arrived in Transcarpathia they tried to revive not just the religious life but also re-establish the ecclesiastic charitable and social services. I was asked to organize and lead the local Caritas by Antal Majnek diocesan bishop and we started this work in 1993.

- What range of activities does the Caritas in Hust have?

- Since the aid shipments are not allowed into the country, their receiving and delivery is now suspended. We are trying to gain support for our current two programs by means of tenders and projects. One of our programs is the monthly delivery of dry food to those who need it. The second program is the winter heating aid and contribution to the charges. The social state support is really miserable. Unfortunately we can’t help everybody as the aid we receive is decreasing.

- What are your plans for future?

- I would like to continue working on the cohesion of Hungarians, I want the Hungarian language not to be forgotten but to be practised and learned. Fortunately many local residents regardless of their nationality are interested in Hungarian language. They might be encouraged by the possibility of getting the simplified Hungarian citizenship.

In the area of social work I have no illusions. I would be also happy if the current social assistance system could be kept at the level it is working now.

The interview was taken by:
Szabolcs Bunda






(in hungarian)



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