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The report of the soupkitchen in Uzhhorod

2014. may

The soupkitchen which functions within the framework of Uzhhorod Roman Catholic parish of St. George provides hot lunch for 70-80 people three times a week. Besides, the workers of the kitchen deliver 250 rolls every week to the department of oncology and to the patients who need it.

The first part of the financial support given by you can greatly contribute to the functioning of the kitchen in the first quarter of 2014.

Some people eat their meal in the kitchen , but some of them take it home, because there is no opportunity for common meal, as there is no appropriate place for it. We hope that the renovation of the new building which will serve as the home of the free kitchen will be finished this year.

We are grateful to you for the support! May God bless your lives!

Szilvia Chizmadia,
leader of the project






(in hungarian)



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