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Collecting money for Ágnes Kulikovszka’s life-saving surgery

2014. October

Dear Benefactors!

The result of collecting so far (the amount of donations received until 2017, July 20-th) is 1 712 101 HUF.
The number of benefactors is 60. We are really grateful to everybody who offering money helps to realize Ágnes’s surgery!

Ágnes Kulikovszka (1997.06.18) lives with her family in Salank, Transcarpathia. She suffers from muscular dystrophy, her lung capacity is 40%, which is constantly deteriorating, that is why she needs an urgent spine retention surgery. With the surgery the lung capacity can be improved to 70-80%, so she can live 15-20 years longer with better quality of life.

Spine retention surgeries are performed only in three countries, its costs are the lowest in Moscow – 25 000 USD. And the family must pay the price of the implant, which is 18 000 USD.

During the last two years Ágnes’s family leaving the disability pansion aside and thanks to the support of local people, aid organizations, churches, could collect 15 000 USD, but since they have no other local resources, they expect the donations of well-meaning people from abroad. Her address is: Ukraine, Transcarpathia, 90 311 Salank, Gagarin st. 32 (tel. +380-96-748-0480).

Please, help, if you can, with your donations to cover the costs of Ágnes’s surgery.

Our account number is: 11991102 - 02119070 - 00000000

For international transactions:
IBAN HU90 11991102-02119070-00000000
(in any currency)


When transferring, it is necessary to indicate:
„For Ágnes Kulikovszka’s spine surgery”.
The total amount received will be spent for the surgery!






(in hungarian)



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