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The suffering subjects of Ukrainian crisis

Transcarpathia in spring 2014

2014. May

Dear Reader!

We ask you to consider carefully what you can do to help the mostly afflicted by the new Ukrainian crisis helpless Hungarian people who live in Transcarpathia. This writing might help to understand the points of view and problems of the „smallest” ones.

Today’s Ukraine is a helpless territory of the Globe. It is the birthplace of numerous cultural results and the victim of lots of brutality. Its southern parts belonged to the ancient greek world, the Russian culture was born here and the Russian orthodox church originates from here as well. The north-western part of Ukraine is one of the ancient bastions of the Polish culture. And the part of Ukraine which is today’s Transcarpathia is the emblematic area of Hungarian home establishment. At the same time the people who live here were regularly suffering from various horrors: viking raids, tatar destruction and exploitation which lasted 250 years. The expression „pogrom” was born here for the torment of Jews. It was followed by the atrocities of bolshevik experiment and the World Wars. Transcarpthia was „thrown” to and from according to the real and perceived interests of high power.

The collapse of the Soviet Union hasn’t brought peace as well. The relative stability discontinued, the economic collapses followed each other and tossed the people from misery to misery, including Hungarians too. Moreover, in this greatly multicolored country from the national perspective there was an outbreak of the silliest nationalism: everybody should be same, as „we” say it! Even the new rich "oligarchs" couldn’t make the economy to function, and that’s why the country became increasingly dependent on Russia as on „breathing machine”.

Under these conditions a new conflict broke out, which was also induced by the USA as the country admitted itself. Victoria Nuland – a leader of the U.S. foreign policy – has even mentioned the „invested amount”… And Russia as a high power would not leave it. The conflict is already done! The EU – as usual – misunderstands the local conditions and its possibilities for intervention, it just keeps promising without having strength to act. The validation of the prospect of "economic sanctions" is just a promise without accomplishment, and the answers to them cause great demage to everybody concerned, but mainly to Ukraine, including Transcarpathia, especially to the poorest ones.

The effects may be already seen: along the increasingly rough clashes the value of the local currency during a few weeks has drastically dicreased. There are great and increasing budget deficits, and to the „encouragement” of IMF they talk about the dramatical reduction of state expenditures including pension, price increase, galloping inflation etc.

Hungary tries to provide the local Hungarians living in the neighbourhood with manifold support. Unfortunately, if the situation gets much worse all this will not be enough, and different charitable organizations, thus „the Foundation of Franciscan Mission in Transcarpathia” (KFMA) as well, will have more tasks and duties. „The Franciscan Mission in Transcarpathia” has marked off some 15000 EUR (5 million HUF) from its limited funds in case extraordinary fast help would be needed. The local Hungarians are also in action. On March 28, 2014 forty local Hungarian civil organizations and institutions administered a memorandum to the actual owners of the central power expressing their opinion towards the right directions of further steps ( http://www.ferences.hu/eng/hirek-eng.php )

Budapest, 2014. May 15.

We ask you depending on your financial possibilities to support through our foundation the Hungarian people who live in Transcarpathia, Ukraine and are now in an especially difficult situation needing help! Our contacts:

e-mail: iroda@ferences.hu
website: www.ferences.hu

With financial help sent to our bank account

Send a donation via Paypal:

András Kacsó
chairman in the name of the Board of Trustees






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