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2014. March

We, the representatives of civil organizations and historic church communities founded by the native Hungarian population in Ukraine, are concerned about the events taking place in our country.

Lately, radical armed elements who arouse fear in us and our children, and further reduce our sense of security have appeared in Transcarpathia. It is worrying that the incitements against the Hungarians continue, and articles falsifying historical facts are appearing in the Ukrainian media.

We support the peaceful settlement of the conflicts and we hope that the country's new leadership, basing on European values and democratic freedom rights, will respect individual and collective rights of national minorities. We expect that the Transcarpathian Hungarians be recognized as a state forming, native nation and the cultural and regional self-determination be provided for us accordingly. The State shall establish its legal framework and ensure its enforcement and financial conditions. We, Transcarpathian Hungarians, would like to continue to live here as Hungarians, as law-abiding citizens in a constitutional state.

For this reason, we ask the state to ensure us with the following:

• equal opportunities in all walks of life;

• legal and financial conditions for the use, protection, and development of our mother tongue and culture;

• the possibility of education in the mother tongue from kindergarten to university;

• the possibility of learning the state language at a level that helps the individual's social emergence. (The teaching of Ukrainian should be done not on a political, but rather a methodological base. It should be accepted that, like all people, we also have one mother tongue and thus, Ukrainian is a second language for us, so it should be taught accordingly, with second language methodology. The content and standards of education should be developed according to which the knowledge of Ukrainian should be asked at all levels of education, as well as in further education.

• the recognition of dual citizenship in Ukraine, which facilitates the country’s European Union integration;

• statutorily guaranteed financial support for minority NGOs, historic churches and the cultural / educational institutions created by them.

We believe and profess that God's will is the peoples’, nations’ peaceful coexistence, and the most important task for policy-makers as well as all men is searching for and fulfilling the will of the Almighty. We, Christian Transcarpathian Hungarians, living here in peace together with other nationalities for more than 1100 years, want to continue to live here and thrive in peace and love.

We pray and ask everyone to pray for achieving peace in Ukraine as soon as possible, and for the evil forces not to be able to fuel the fire between the nations living here.

Beregszász, 28/03/14

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