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Work with heart and soul
Interview with Joseph Goor, Caritas director in Vishk

2014. February

Joseph Goor, the director of the
Caritas in Vishk

This time we visited Joseph Goor, the director of the Caritas in Vishk, in order to get closer aquainted with his life and work in Caritas.

– Who is that Joseph, so well-known and loved by many people in Vishk and its borders? Tell us a little bit about yourself, your life…

– I was born in 1948 in Vishk. The secondary school, the military service and work followed each other. I got married in 1971, and I have 5 children.

– How did you come into contact with Caritas?

– I worked as a mason for 20 years. At the end of the 80s I got sick, and that’s why I left my job and started to deal with my hobby - car repairing. This became my speciality. During the 1998’s flood I was the curator at the parish in Vishk. I was asked to receive the humanitarian aid from abroad for a while. Finally the completion of the charitable activities further fell upon me. In such a way I began to work in the field of charity.

– What activities is the Caritas in Vishk carrying on now?

– In the gypsy camp in Vishk there is a house for praying. Today in this building a gypsy school is already functioning. A great part of the activities of Caritas is focused on the upkeep of this institution. Except teaching, educating, praying, 50-60 children in need get in this house luncheon too.

–Who are the main financial sponsors of the Caritas?

– We wouldn’t be able to function without the Franciscan Mission Foundation in Transcarpathia. It help us a lot. The St. Marton Caritas in Mukachevo also often helps, and we have already got aid from the Bethlen Fund too.

– What further projects does the Caritas operate?

– We have a free kitchen which was formed during the years following the flood. We deliver food packages for the old people and those who need it. We also give money for firewood or for paying the gas bill. Now there is a local businessman who brings sweets for the kids.

– What are your plans for the future?

– I would like to make a fence around the house for praying and we also plan to plant fruit trees in the yard of the house. Among my plans is also the selection of a good successor. I’d like to pass the baton, but I haven’t found such a person yet, a person who would accept and carry on this work with heart and soul.

The interview was made by
Rita Bunda Feher






(in hungarian)



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