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The 15-th anniversary of the existence of the St. Tereza rehabilitation home in Vinohradovo

2014. January

The St. Tereza rehabilitation home in Vinohradovo was founded in 1998 by the local roman-catholic parish.
This home tries to help those families where there are children with mental and physical disorders. The institute employs just eight people: head of the home, an accountant, a masseur, a physiotherapist, a nurse, a bus driver, a maintenance and a night watchman. Their wages can be paid thanks to donations.
The rehabilitation home receives children not just from Vinohradovo district. That’s why the Caritas of Mukachevo gave the home a bus for rent to make the daily transportation of the children easier.

On the basis of Magdolna Jackanich’s report
written by Nikolette Dudinsky






(in hungarian)



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